School Programs

The Musée St. Joseph Museum was established to preserve the history and culture of the Rural Municipality of Montcalm. The museum features a historical village, agricultural buildings, a tourism center and a campground. Students will have a unique opportunity to see, and even experience first-hand, how early pioneer farmers lived and worked in the region more than 100 years ago.

Exploring the museum’s 20 buildings will provide hours of educational fun and entertainment. Imagine what it was like to live and do chores in a log home built in the 1860s. Sit in wooden desk in a one-room school house. Sing in the choir loft of a small rural church. Shop at the general store, and while you’re there, get your mail or make a phone call. Explore exhibits of tractors and other agricultural machinery.  Look around the leather workshop and the wood-working shop. Discover the significance of the stationary engine and the history of the Manitoba sugar beet industry.

The Musée St. Joseph Museum has many options for all age groups, including preschoolers. All school programs have been developed considering the Manitoba School Curriculum. Tours are available in both French and English from May to October, usually between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Costs – Preschool / Kindergarten to Grade 6: $3.00 per student; Grade 7 to 12: $5.00 per student; Adult Supervisors: Free.  We request a minimum of 10 students and limit tours to a maximum of 60 students.

Each tour is catered to the group and may be changed to accommodate specific requirements.

Call the museum at (204) 737-2244 or email for more information.