Historical Village

In the historical village, two houses await visitors: the Moquin House dating back to 1905 and the Perron House, dating between 1865 and 1870. This building was built with wooden beams squared with a side axe and adze.

•The Montcalm Exhibit (the first building in the historic village) has numerous artefacts on display.

•The Plankey Plains Church built in 1938 is reminiscent of its era, with no electricity and heated with the help of a wood stove.

•The Union Point School, built around 1890 was moved to the museum grounds in December 1981. The educational artefacts found in the school date back to the period between 1940 and 1950.

•The General Store, a reproduction of the early era stores, depicts multiple artefacts of this period. Also included is the hardware department, butcher shop and post office.

•The Perron Pavillion has twenty rooms depicting various themes:  a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, sport, health, religious practices, laundry and a sewing room. One room is reserved for artefacts of the Eaton’s store.

•The dairy display has artifacts related to the past dairy industry on small farms.

•Two warehouses have many pieces of interesting machinery related to the transportation industry of by-gone years.

•The barn comes back to life with animals every year with the visit of a hobby farm for the Montcalm Heritage Festival festivities.