Musée Saint-Joseph Museum

25 Brais Boulevard
Saint-Joseph, Manitoba
R0G 2C0


About Us

The Musée St. Joseph Museum, in the community of St. Joseph, located in the Rural Municipality of Montcalm, is a museum to be discovered and enjoyed for its many attractions and exhibits. The 19 acres and 24 buildings offer any history enthusiast a full day of learning and enjoyment.

The museum is a reconstruction of a pioneer village, including restored buildings like the Perron House from 1860, Union Point School from the late 19th century, a blacksmith shop, and a general store. Among its collections are many antique tractors, agricultural machine from the beginning of the 20th century, and one of the largest collection of stationary engines in the Canadian West.

The Centre Parent Tourism Center, with its timber-frame structure, its amazing murals by a Manitoba artist and its many exhibits, offers year-round tours and gives an insight to the historical and agricultural villages that are open from May to October.

about_1Museum History

The Musée St. Joseph Museum had its beginnings with Jean-Louis and Marie-Laure Perron, the founders of the museum.  In the years 1945 to 1950, Mr. and Mrs. Perron were interested in collecting artifacts that represent the history and lives of the pioneers of the Red River Valley.

The Museé St. Joseph Museum is incorporated in 1975 and it is officially opened on July 16, 1977 at the Centennial Celebrations of the parish of St-Joseph. A substantial part of the collections owned by Mr. and Mrs. Perron was officially transferred to the Musée St. Joseph Museum Inc. on June 28, 2003 during the annual Montcalm Heritage Festival.

Unique Collections

• The Laurent Fillion Camera Collection, a unique collection of its kind, allows visitors to experience the evolution of cameras from the 19th century covering 110 years of technology.

• The sugar beet industry has allowed farmers to diversify their crops. The refinery, Manitoba Sugar Company of Fort Garry provided income for farmers during the winter. In the special warehouse, you will find the story of this sugar beet industry from sowing to harvesting of beets with the machinery and memorabilia on display.

• The Perron House in the historic village, built between 1865 and 1870 with wooden oak beams squared with a side axe and adze, is one of the last existing buildings of this kind in the rural municipality of Montcalm. In the house, there is furniture and other artefacts made in Québec and brought to Manitoba, travelling through New England, by the Joseph Perron family when they immigrated to St-Joseph in 1889.

• In the tractor warehouse, a collection of tractor seats hangs on the west wall. This is a unique and historic collection of cast iron seats with company names of Sawyer, Buckeye, M. Moody & Sons, Douane Nash, Champion. The collection consists of 130 seats that are original and in excellent condition.

• In the historic village warehouse, there is a complete collection of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario license plates dating from 1911 to 1980.

VIDEO – Toba Visits the Montcalm Heritage Festival